Program Rules

  • This is a needs-based scholarship program, open to application by all current members of NAEP-NE.
  • The current NAEP-NE Board of Directors will evaluate and consider each application upon receipt.
  • The ability to fund this program will be dependent upon the adequacy of our current NAEP-NE treasury. Responsibility for deciding the extent of funding available for the scholarship program will reside with the current Board of Directors.
  • The NAEP-NE board will allocate a total of $4000 for scholarships per year.
  • Each NAEP-NE member will be awarded only one scholarship each calendar year.
  • All issues regarding this scholarship program will be administrated during NAEP-NE board meetings.
  • The intent of this program is to provide supplementary funding for educational opportunities that will serve to enrich and educate our members.
  • The NAEP-NE board may limit scholarships so that a NAEP-NE member school may only be awarded one scholarship each calendar year.
  • Scholarships may not be used for certification study materials, review classes or examinations.
  • The scholarship can be used to cover the cost of training programs, conference registration fees, hotel rooms, airlines and applicable taxes. It may not be used to cover entertainment, food, beverages, internet, dry cleaning, telephone, transportation or other extraneous fees unless specifically approved by the board in writing.
  • If you are awarded a scholarship but are unable to attend. You will be responsible for any costs that NAEP-NE incurs which cannot be resolved.

This program is another professional outreach initiative to our NAEP-NE membership.